Insurance and Risk Management for Landlords

…Protecting your investment property Peter Large Estate Agents in association with HomeLet

Peter Large Estate Agents can advise on insurance cover and risk management services for Landlords available in association with HomeLet. HomeLet are insurance and risk management advisors to the lettings industry. HomeLet offer landlords and tenants specialist insurance cover and advice to help protect their investment against any unexpected risks they may face when letting.

Products include;

  • Landlords Household Insurance
  • UK Holiday Homes Insurance
  • Legal Protection
  • Rent Protection
  • Landlords Emergency Assistance
  • Tenants Contents Insurance
  • Homecover
  • Landlords Household Insurance

Finding specialist insurance for rental property can sometimes be a challenge. All too often landlords find their property is not adequately covered by standard insurance policies. We can offer you specialist Landlords Household insurance from HomeLet which provides comprehensive property insurance specifically for the rental market.

UK Holiday Homes Insurance

Whether your property is a second home or an investment, they have one thing in common – the need for specialist insurance. We can offer you an insurance policy from HomeLet which provides comprehensive property insurance especially for second homes or homes rented out as holiday lets.

Legal Protection

Tenant’s circumstances can change and even the best references in the world cannot guarantee what might happen in the future. Wouldn’t it be great to remove some of the worry of facing unknown and expensive legal bills in the event that your tenant breaches the Tenancy Agreement? We can assist by offering you HomeLet Legal Protection insurance.

Rent Protection

Tenant’s circumstances can change and even the best references in the world cannot predict what lies around the corner. Wouldn’t it be great to remove some of the worry of your tenant(s) not paying the rent? We offer Rent Protection insurance from HomeLet to assist.

Landlords Emergency Assistance

We recommend that your rental property is kept in good working order. But emergencies can occur and that unexpected call in the middle of the night or during an important meeting is often inconvenient, and even worse, expensive. Damage to essential services like the electricity supply at your property can be an untimely reminder of your responsibilities. We can offer you a solution to this. Landlords Emergency Assistance Insurance from HomeLet will, subject to policy terms and conditions, arrange for an Approved Contractor to visit your property to effect emergency repairs.

Tenants Contents Insurance

You might be surprised to know that your landlord cannot be responsible for insuring your possessions or that you could even be liable for any damage you cause to your landlord’s goods. To provide you with a solution, we offer contents insurance specifically designed for tenants from HomeLet.


Your home is likely to be your biggest asset, so it makes sense for you to protect it. We can offer you comprehensive Homecover insurance from HomeLetf to cover most of you needs.

Disclosure Statement

Peter Large Estate Agents is an Appointed Representative of Lumley Letsure Limited who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Letsure’s FSA registration number is 313817. Letsure insurance policies are underwritten by a limited range of Insurers, a full list of which is available upon request.